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Egypt's Gift
To The World

The New Suez Canal project is one of the most significant to emerge from Egypt – or anywhere else in the Middle East – in recent times. Find access to all the public information you need here.

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New Suez Canal:

Creating a new canal, parallel to the existing one, to maximize benefit from the present Canal and its by-passes, and double the longest possible parts of the waterway to facilitate traffic in the two directions and minimize the waiting time for transiting ships. This will certainly reduce the time needed for the trip from one end of the Canal to the other, and will increase the numerical capacity of the waterway, in anticipation of the expected growth in world trade. The project goes side by side with the Suez Canal Area Development Project. The two projects will add to the importance of the Suez Canal, and will make it the route of choice for ship owners the world over, putting any alternative routes out of competition.