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The New Suez Canal project is one of the most significant to emerge from Egypt – or anywhere else in the Middle East – in recent times. Find access to all the public information you need here.

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SCI and SC2 are navigational charts produced by the Egyptian Navy Hydrographic Department and Suez Canal Authority. You kindly asked to register your copy of product Registering your product guarantees the following for you:

1-You will be recorded in the data base as dedicated client, thus making sure that your copy is the original copy and not a forfeit copy.
2- Upon issuance of updates / corrections to the charts, you will receive updates by e- mail immediately after they have been issued.
3- Having registered copies on board guarantees smooth sailing in the Suez Canal without any delay, as Suez Canal Authority and Port State Control will easily track your copy in the data base and make sure the vessel is carrying the mandatory charts for transiting the Suez Canal.

How to Register Your Product ?
For now you can only register your product by using the E-mail To successfully register your copies, please take the following steps:
- Send an empty message with the registration number of the chart in the e-mail subject to the e-mail address register@suezcanal.bz
- You can register more than one product in the same e-mail message. To register more than one product, write in the e-mail subject the registration numbers of all products dividing them with “,”
- You will receive an automatic reply with the necessary details needed to register your products. Please make sure to follow the steps mentioned in the e-mail and write the details needed where marked between “#” signs.
- Send all required details to the e-mail address register@suezcanal.bz where the details will be processed and your products registered in the data base.
- You will receive an e-mail message with an activation number that you are required to write down on your products.
Note :
If you have any comments or inquiries, please send them to charts@suezcanal.bz and we will be pleased to provide you with all the answers you need.